Are you:

  • Successful in your career but failing in LOVE?

  • Feeling lost when it comes to Love or dating after Divorce?

  • Thinking all the good ones are taken?

  • Attracting the wrong type of people? Women that are full of drama? Men that won’t commit?

Then you are in the RIGHT place, I can help!

Hello There, My name is Leslie Ziemba, C.Ht and I am so excited you are checking out my page. I’d like to share with you exactly WHY I am here and a bit about my background with Love, Life and Relationships.

I help busy professionals all around the country to heal areas of LOVE and guide them through various Love, Dating and Relationship Obstacles.

We are an exclusive Love & Lifestyle coaching and consulting service designed to help you Attract Love to you. Founded by Leslie Ziemba of Charleston, SC, We serve clients NATIONWIDE by providing a variety of consulting and coaching services.

My mission is to help men and women get through Mid-Life challenges including:


  • Dating after 40
  • Dating After Divorce
  • Dating dilemmas of the middle aged man
  • Relationship Struggles
  • How to Attract WHO you want
  • Understanding Women
  • Getting Over a Divorce
  • Getting Over A Past Lover
  • Gaining more Confidence
  • How to Live a More Balanced Life
  • Feeling More Grounded with Love & Life
  • Releasing Stress Around Relationships
  • Attracting The RIGHT Type of Person


Most of my clients come to me after a divorce and they are struggling with dating as a middle-aged person after years of marriage.

I often hear, “I was married for 17 years, I’ve dated a couple people since my divorce but they all ended in disaster. I’m not meeting quality people and I need your HELP, Leslie!”

Well have no fear, you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

When I first decided to work with Leslie, I had recently left a very dysfunctional marriage and was feeling stuck in all aspects of my life.  I realized that I had a history of unhealthy relationships, and decided that I need to make a change.  I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew that I didn’t want to continue doing what I had been doing as it clearly wasn’t working for me.

Within 3 short months, Leslie was able to cover an incredible amount of ground with me.  She quickly uncovered my codependency issues and got right to the root of where they stemmed from.  I learned how my desire to try to control things in my life was making me very unhappy, and was finally able to let go of that desire.

Leslie also shed a lot of light on relationships that weren’t serving me anymore.  I was able to release these people from my life with love and forgiveness rather than anger and resentment as I had always done in the past.

I have worked with numerous mental health counselors in the past, and I must say that working with Leslie was so much more effective. From day one it was obvious that Leslie genuinely had my best interests at heart. It felt like talking to a close friend who cared for and supported me unconditionally, but was never afraid to give me a swift kick in the right direction when I needed it.  Leslie’s approach combined compassion and tough love with an ability to almost magically uncover the key things that were holding me back.

I am happy to say that I no longer feel stuck in my life. I have been able to change my beliefs and approach my relationships in a new, healthier way.  I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Leslie.  I am so very glad that I did.

Heather K.

Health & Wellness Consultant

“Leslie is an exceptional transformational life coach…I feel it goes beyond that though. I have seen several life coaches, holistic healers and nothing seemed to touch these deeper wounds I’ve experienced. Leslie exudes warmth, compassion and comfort and subtly helps shift feelings that have felt stagnant and getting right to the point. I felt after one session I received the guidance I’ve been in search for my entire life and am now on the road to true healing…I highly recommend spending a few hours with Leslie as she will help you discover the treasures of being and living your highest truth….beyond what you can think and imagine. She has a fine eye to see past words and guide you to your road of fulfilled healing. I am so blessed to come across a beautiful authentic human being who GENUINELY wants to help!!”

Amy K.

Holistic Nutritionist

Leslie Ziemba is very passionate about what she does in helping build relationships across the country. She is absolutely amazing at what she does with her consultation for individuals and couples who needs to understand that mending a broken heart depends on their desire to want to change for the better. I recommend her to anyone who needs to understand the true meaning of Empowerment for the Heart!

Kato F.

SEO , SearchLight7

“It was Leslie’s act of kindness and solid advice on the heels of yet another failed relationship that I gravitated to her for help.

She reached out when I needed it the most. I felt I could trust her and decided to take action. I worked with Leslie for three months after this recent relationship ended.

Personally, I struggled in and out of relationships most of my adult life including a failed 16+ year marriage. I needed help understanding me, why I made the choices I made, managed the relationships the way I did and was always feeling like a failure and responsible for all the wrong relationships I was in.

As I was personally making a life transformation, I wanted to make different choices in my life going forward when it came to relationships.

Leslie’s attentive and intuitive approach allowed my own self realization to why these relationships failed. She offered me a new path to think about what was important to me, how to identify it and methods/actions to achieve future relationship success.

She provided me with an overall better way to live life. I am very grateful for my time spent with Leslie and highly recommend her unique approach to not only love and relationships but a more fulfilling and satisfactory life approach as a whole” – Tom


“After going through a bad breakup I was left empty inside and in the process lost all of my confidence until I found Leslie Ziemba. After speaking with her I was able to re find my confidence and become the best version of myself and I absolutely can not thank her enough for that. No matter what your issue is I can assure you that she will assist you into making your life as amazing as it can be just like she did for mine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Leslie.”


Daniel B

Business Owner

“Once in a while you come across a person that comes along side you, holds your hand and shows you how to you change your life for the better. 
I was first introduced to Leslie 2 years prior to hiring her. She was the ONLY coach that coached me, showed me some love, gave me homework to help me and followed up every couple of months to see how I was progressing — all for free. Who does that these days!!! Rare and special people like Leslie.
I spent 4 months working with Leslie to help me overcome co-dependence, depression and wanting to give up on life. The tools, information and advice she gave me helped propel me to see a life of possibility and that I will be ok. I am so grateful for your love and passion to help.”


Megan H.

Business Owner

“I’ve known Leslie for 20+ years, it was her passion for Love and Relationships that brought my husband and I together. We have been married for almost 16 years and have an adorable 3 yr old son, Johnny.Leslie’s ability to be a great friend plus her “big sis” attitude can help get you through that dating funk and find what you are looking for!”


Tina & Robbie H.

From NJ

“I came to Leslie after my 20+ year marriage came to an end followed by a few failed relationship experiences.  I was having difficulty sleeping at night, felt the walls closing in around me, alone and tired if I wasn’t out dating. I was on a path of self destruction. After just one session, I was able to clear my mind, sleep more calmly through the night and not wake up feeling anxious.  On that very first day, an hour later I was able to start a new outlook on life and how I handled relationships.Her coaching skills helped me identify and focus on the most important aspects of this change and face the challenges of relationships that has hindered me so much in the past. She helped me to clearly transition my mindset, simplify my daily life and use this as a guide to living a happier lifestyle. I have a much better outlook on dating and relationships.  Our discussions are forever in my memory and her straight-forward coaching will always guide me. We worked together for about 4 months and it was worth every second of it and highly recommend her to anyone no matter what the issue.”


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