#1 Health Issue That Might Be Keeping You “UNLUCKY In Love”

#1 Health Issue That Might Be Keeping You “UNLUCKY In Love”

Have you ever gone out on a few dates with someone and then all of a sudden something happens and they stop calling? They disappear and you’re left feeling this tense little knot in your stomach wondering, “What happened?”

Have you gotten into arguments with the person you are dating or in a relationship with repeatedly but when you look back, you can’t remember what you were really even arguing about? Or maybe you say, “That was so stupid, why am I even mad about that!”

Well if that is you, I want to share with you a little secret about these two little glands in your body that might be ruining your chances at a happy and healthy relationship.

There is one small health issue that might be keeping you “Unlucky In Love”!

It’s your adrenal glands.

Your adrenal glands are these 3 inch little endocrine glands on top of your kidneys which release hormones like epinephrine and adrenaline into your body.

So what does that have to do with dating? It’s especially significant with online dating these days.

When you start talking to someone new… how does it feel? Do you get a little pitter patter in your heart when they call or text?

How about when you’re dating someone and that person doesn’t call you or return calls… they just disappear… how does it feel in your body?

When you have an argument that stresses you out a bit… how does it feel in your body?

When the object of your love desire tells you that the relationship is not working for them, do you feel this sickening feeling in the pit of your gut?

Maybe you caught your lover cheating with someone else. Did you notice your heart racing?

Every time something like this happens, your adrenals release the hormones to help you deal with the stress.

Now here’s the tricky part…

Your body gets so used to the release of these hormones. It’s an addiction.

Cue the song, Addicted To Love by Robert Palmer. Love IS an addiction.
You often welcome and create unsatisfactory situations into your life so that your body has this hormone release (even though you might not be consciously aware you are doing this). These are unconscious and limiting behaviors.

So if you’ve ever been in situations where you keep on experiencing short lived relationships, dates that go nowhere or fights that seem to come out of left field, then this indicates that your body has an addiction to this hormone release.

This can also cause adrenal fatigue which can eventually lead to chronic illness, depression and stored belly fat from your adrenal glands also releasing the hormone cortisol when you are stressed.

So how can you counteract this, you ask?

  1. Make a conscious effort to walk away from stressful situations.
  2. Learning different practices to keep you calm and grounded like:
  • Meditation
  • Taking a walk outside every day
  • Spending 10 minutes every morning doing something creative
  • Practice deep breathing exercises
  1. Cut out the caffeine.
  2. Eat organic foods and stay away from processed foods.
  3. Don’t skip meals.
  4. Consume less sugar.
  5. Get plenty of sleep, 8 to 10 hours a day.
  6. Try a yoga or tai chi class.
  7. Notice red flags early on and have enough love for yourself to not get into a situation that might trigger your old habits.

Most importantly, when one relationship ends, give yourself time to relax and do things that help nurture your mind, body and soul.

So often, people jump right into another dating situation or relationship and this vicious cycle keeps repeating itself.

Love yourself first and true love will find you.

It’s really that simple.

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On your side,

Leslie Ziemba – Love Empowerment Coach | Author | Time Line Therapy® Specialist

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