1 Obvious Sign You’re Chasing Love Away & How to Reverse It!

1 Obvious Sign You’re Chasing Love Away & How to Reverse It!

Women all over the world want to be in a happy relationship. With an adoring and respectful man.

This isn’t a surprise… lots of women want this. 

Well for many high-powered women, like I work with, I’ve found one thing that has them chasing this kind of love away.

I’ll share this with you in just a second…

Chasing Love Away: Tips on How to Have a Great Relationship

But first, there are three obvious signs a woman is chasing love away.

Think back for a moment. Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

“I’m successful in every area of my life, why not in the love?”

“What if I never find a man any better than the last one?”

And the one I hear most from my clients is…

“I go out on dates but they never seem to call after date 1, 2 or 3… WHY?”

Well I’m about to give you the hard truth… So please know it’s with Love that I tell you this…

And since I know you are a successful, smart, independent and amazing woman, I know you’ll not only want to hear this…

But you can handle it…

What if I told you the very thing that makes you successful in your career is driving love away?

The masculine energy that makes you so kick@$$ in your life is chasing men away BUT it’s really not your fault.

We have been conditioned for equality, which is great but what makes us equal in career often spills into our personal lives… castrating men! YIKES!

I want to help you keep your amazing persona but be irresistible to men!

1. When you leave the office, make a mental note: “Leave my work hat”.

2. Allow men to make date plans. If he is not doing the planning, then he is not that into you or not ready to take on his masculine role. Move on!

3. Keep a journal for the next 30 days. Do 3 things everyday to expose your femininity.

  • Take a bubble bath. Put on some soft music and relax.
  • Put on some sexy undies and dance around to some sexy soulful music… Which I like to call “Soulicious” music!
  • Make eye contact with men, talk in a slower, passionate voice, thank them whole-heartedly for complements, holding the door, buying dinner, etc.
  • Always let a man pay for the first couple dates and give a sincere smile and “Thank you”. Many women want to be equals and split the check or feel like they will “owe him” if he pays but ALLOW him to be in his masculine.
  • Let down your walls. Learn that good men will sense when you have a wall of fear up. You give off a vibration of “not trusting“, they can smell this easily and will run. You may be saying, “But Leslie, I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to, why should I trust men?”
    Use caution and follow your gut when going on dates but when you have amindset of not trusting, you will inadvertently attract men who are untrustworthy. That is something to definitely address with a Love coach.
  • Before a date, make sure you are feeling good about yourself. Never go straight from work, allow yourself time to be showered, feeling feminine.
  • Allow him to do much of the talking. Be attentive and engaging but not in charge. Be playful.
  • Make time every day for feminine activities. Put a reminder in your phone first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.
  • Be patient! Allow things to naturally unfold. When you feel the need to take charge of something, remind yourself to step back… ALLOW!
  • Don’t divulge too much. Think mysterious and intriguing. Share yourself slowly!

When it comes to masculine and feminine, imagine a lion chasing a gazelle. When the lion is picking up speed, the gazelle lies down and says, “Here I am, just eat me!”

What do you think that lion would do? I picture the lion thinking, “This gazelle must be diseased or something, I better not eat that!”

Be authentic, loving, feminine… and remember, you are a beautiful and graceful gazelle! OWN IT!

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