One on One Premium Transformative Programs 

1. Do you want to STOP wasting time and money dating all the wrong people?


2. Are you ready to release what may be blocking you from Attracting exactly what you want to you?

Are these patterns always the same:

  • You’re feeling lost in Dating and Relationships.
  • You’re needing guidance and direction that you won’t get from family, friends or counseling.
  • You’re afraid to express your feelings or thoughts for fear of rejection.
  • You are meeting women or men who are full of DRAMA.
  • You fall for “unavailable” partners who are NOT there for you in a strong or consistent way.
  • You give and give in a relationship, and feel like you don’t get the same in return. It’s all about the other person.
  • You constantly feel tired and drained in the relationships you have had.
  • They pursue strongly in the beginning, only to distance themselves once you are “Hooked”.
  • You sacrifice your own wants and needs to make them feel happy and secure.
  • You feel jealous when they are not paying attention to you.
  • You feel like you have to prove yourself or do all the “right” things to get their love and attention.

Imagine having…


  • A sense of EASE around relationships.

  • A partner who can’t get enough of you.

  • A feeling of happiness and fulfillment.

  • Someone who Communicates well.

  • Is looking towards a future with you!

  • Is emotionally capable of a serious commitment.

  • Is COMPLETELY ready to meet YOU!

  • A Lover who’s on the same page, wants the same things you do.


Discover how you can THRIVE in Love and Life!


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Why Work With Leslie:

I know exactly how you feel, I have been through hell and back in relationships. Suffered so much heartache, married for 13 years and divorced for 7 , searching for Love in all the wrong places and now happily IN LOVE with my  Soulmate. LOVE has been my passion for 20 years… constantly studying Love, Life and Relationships. Dealing with my own struggles has made it my pleasure to help people just like you to learn from me and have happy, healthy Love lives. I have taken various courses in Psychology, Sociology, Relationship and Personal Transformation. Including being a Certified Matchmaker, Dating Coach, Law of Attraction Practitioner and Neuro-Linguistic Practitioner.

How Does This Work?


This 2-3 Hour Love analysis breakthrough session is used to:

  • Determine where you are struggling in Love & Life.
  • Address and Eliminate any negative emotions or limiting beliefs that might be holding you back in your love life.
  • Determine areas you are falling short in dating or relationships.
  • Homework to break through any barriers so you can SHINE.

Our time together is centered around you connecting to your deepest desires for Love and Life!


2. We work together through my customized 10 Step system.

In my program we cover my 10 tools for attracting successful Love: Tool 1: Uncover and Heal Hidden Barriers Tool 2: Stop attracting the wrong people and situations Tool 3: Create confidence. Tool 4: Identify your relationship goals Tool 5: Create your list of negotiables and non-negotiables Tool 6: Creating Your “Who” Tool 7: Living Your Life with Purpose Tool 8: Attraction Tool 9: Creating balance with work, family, love & life Tool 10: Set and become comfortable with expectations Advanced Practice BONUS TOOLS Including: Meditation, nutrition counseling, Forgiveness of yourself and others.

3. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Coaching phone or skype sessions.


4. Email/Text support.


  • Use this time for “Pre-Date Huddles”, a 10 minute call to get you confident and clear, a quick picture text to help you decide what to wear, etc…
  • “Post-Date Debriefing”, 15 minute call to chat and evaluate, learn from it, now what’s?, etc…
  • Ever have a problem deciphering his or her actions, how a date went, what to wear? Friends and family don’t always give us the advice we NEED. My Ongoing Support means just that… you get real, honest, sometimes tough love advice throughout the dating process.


5. Video and Audio Trainings on customized topics such as:

    • Healing from Divorce or Breakup
    • Balancing Masculine and Feminine Traits
    • Self Esteem
    • Empowerment
    • Spiritual Counseling
    • Positive Mindset
    • Getting over a Lover
    • Attracting The One
    • Hypnosis and Guided Meditation
    • Communication

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This service is especially helpful if you need someone to bounce your love, relationship and dating questions off of aside from friends and family. I am qualified to give you the answers you need and not the answers others THINK you want to hear. To determine what you are doing (or not doing), and what can bring you more success in your dating life, this service is a must.

This Program is the RIGHT FIT if you:

  • Are Ready to make some SERIOUS changes and LOVE is a priority
  • You’re willing to invest in yourself
  • You’re fed up with the results you’ve gotten on your own
  • You want someone to tell you TRUTHFULLY what works and when you are being stupid
  • You can see the destructive relationship patterns aren’t serving you anymore
  • You are 100% committed to YOU!
This Program is NOT the RIGHT FIT if you:

  • Are still making excuses of how everyone else is TREATING YOU
  • You don’t want to be uncomfortable, or try new things and let go of everything you thought you knew about yourself, dating, and love.
  • You’re NOT 100% committed to being Happy and finding Love
  • You think that outside help “just doesn’t work for you”, and you’re done trying.
  • You aren’t willing to invest in YOU and make taking care of you a priority.
  • You get unhealthy satisfaction from keeping your “I suck at relationships” story alive and going.
  • You don’t want to be vulnerable or uncomfortable.