Business Networking in The Single & Dating World

Business Networking in The Single & Dating World

As a Matchmaker and Dating Coach, I often get asked questions about dating people you work with or people you may network with.

You’re a busy “Single” professional, you are at a networking event, maybe out for an “after hours” drink with a business associate and BAM, in walks the woman of your dreams! What if she turns out to be the new intern your company just hired? How do you proceed?

Maybe you are a single woman and you see a guy that you are dying to find out if he is SINGLE!

Dating and business networking can be a touchy area. My Dad always said, “Don’t shit where ya eat!”

  • While at a networking event, go in with a GAME PLAN… BUSINESS. Know what your purpose is. Why are you at this event? Keep the conversations to, “So Bob, tell me what you do?” “Wow, that’s facinating, Sue… tell me, who is a good referral for you?” KEEP it business minded.
  • What do you wear? Don’t dress like you are going to the club or going on a dinner date. Keep your look professional, not too much make up or jewelry, keep the excessive cleavege under wraps and the short skirts in the closet.
  • If your party or event serves alcohol, keep a 2 drink maximum. How many inappropriate words or bad judgements are made with a little too much alcohol?

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Forbes published this great article on Networking & Dating.

There’s nothing wrong with getting someone’s card and contacting them later to have coffee. Just keep it business.

Corporate workplace interactions are a bit of another story. This happens often and can lead to quite a mess, please use extreme caution. Know your company policy and brush up on your resume in case you like breaking the rules.

Often times we see many of the same faces at networking events so USE CAUTION not to make a fool of yourself or embarrass anyone else.

Take your time getting to know someone. Watch, wait and see if there may be a mutual interest.

UNSURE of how to tell if someone may be interested? Talk to me!

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