Like a magic wand… this brings “Soulicious” LOVE right to you….

Like a magic wand… this brings “Soulicious” LOVE right to you….

Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to LOVE?

Hello Beautiful Soul, Leslie here…

While doing some work with a friend tonight, we uncovered a
very valuable lesson in awareness and consciousness:

Every person that comes in and out of our lives is there for a lesson
and for us to grow from the experience {I know you have heard this a million times}…
We know this to be true, we preach it all the time but yet are you really embodying that understanding?

When it comes to relationships you might pray or think to yourself,
“Dear God please bring me someone to love!”

The universe delivers someone to love and when it doesn’t work out as expected,
we mourn the experience and therefore the lessons.

But what if… What if you MUST pay the price of going through these hard lessons
AND learning the lessons in order to ACTUALLY RECEIVE what you long for…

What is the reward if we skip the work?

What if you reverse engineer your prayers? What if your prayers sounded like this,
“God please give me someone who is hard to love.

And then the universe delivers this person that is hard to love in order for you
to open your heart so very wide because in order for you to love the way that God intended you to,
your heart is extremely small the way it might be right now.

So what if… in order to get to the castle you’ve got to swim the moat first. But what if I told you you absolutely cannot get to the castle or appreciate the castle until you have gone through that awful moat?


What choice do you have? Sit out on the lawn, wishing you were inside the castle where
you know you could have the most abundant and happy life OR just swim the fucking moat
and stop crying about getting your hair wet, or about leaches, eels or alligators…

When you get inside of that castle, you’re going to appreciate the abundant food awaiting you,
the huge, warm stone fireplaces in every room, the peaceful music playing… So many other luxuries
that you might not appreciate had you not accepted your path,
embraced the lessons and…
jumped in with both feet!

Are you ready for that challenge?

Could you imagine what it would feel like…
You take the hard lessons from your past relationship, this current relationship or maybe the next one…

You take the lessons, you move through the hurt and the pain…
And the relationship after that….

WHAT IF…. it’s this “Soulicious” kind of Love that you have only dreamed of??

Again… are you ready to swim the moat?

It’s really that simple.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels in Love?
Apply for a conversation with me
by clicking here.

I’ll be your life preserver,
Leslie XO

1 Obvious Sign You’re Chasing Love Away & How to Reverse It!

1 Obvious Sign You’re Chasing Love Away & How to Reverse It!

Women all over the world want to be in a happy relationship. With an adoring and respectful man.

This isn’t a surprise… lots of women want this. 

Well for many high-powered women, like I work with, I’ve found one thing that has them chasing this kind of love away.

I’ll share this with you in just a second…

Chasing Love Away: Tips on How to Have a Great Relationship

But first, there are three obvious signs a woman is chasing love away.

Think back for a moment. Have you ever asked yourself questions like:

“I’m successful in every area of my life, why not in the love?”

“What if I never find a man any better than the last one?”

And the one I hear most from my clients is…

“I go out on dates but they never seem to call after date 1, 2 or 3… WHY?”

Well I’m about to give you the hard truth… So please know it’s with Love that I tell you this…

And since I know you are a successful, smart, independent and amazing woman, I know you’ll not only want to hear this…

But you can handle it…

What if I told you the very thing that makes you successful in your career is driving love away?

The masculine energy that makes you so kick@$$ in your life is chasing men away BUT it’s really not your fault.

We have been conditioned for equality, which is great but what makes us equal in career often spills into our personal lives… castrating men! YIKES!

I want to help you keep your amazing persona but be irresistible to men!

1. When you leave the office, make a mental note: “Leave my work hat”.

2. Allow men to make date plans. If he is not doing the planning, then he is not that into you or not ready to take on his masculine role. Move on!

3. Keep a journal for the next 30 days. Do 3 things everyday to expose your femininity.

  • Take a bubble bath. Put on some soft music and relax.
  • Put on some sexy undies and dance around to some sexy soulful music… Which I like to call “Soulicious” music!
  • Make eye contact with men, talk in a slower, passionate voice, thank them whole-heartedly for complements, holding the door, buying dinner, etc.
  • Always let a man pay for the first couple dates and give a sincere smile and “Thank you”. Many women want to be equals and split the check or feel like they will “owe him” if he pays but ALLOW him to be in his masculine.
  • Let down your walls. Learn that good men will sense when you have a wall of fear up. You give off a vibration of “not trusting“, they can smell this easily and will run. You may be saying, “But Leslie, I’ve been cheated on, I’ve been lied to, why should I trust men?”
    Use caution and follow your gut when going on dates but when you have amindset of not trusting, you will inadvertently attract men who are untrustworthy. That is something to definitely address with a Love coach.
  • Before a date, make sure you are feeling good about yourself. Never go straight from work, allow yourself time to be showered, feeling feminine.
  • Allow him to do much of the talking. Be attentive and engaging but not in charge. Be playful.
  • Make time every day for feminine activities. Put a reminder in your phone first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.
  • Be patient! Allow things to naturally unfold. When you feel the need to take charge of something, remind yourself to step back… ALLOW!
  • Don’t divulge too much. Think mysterious and intriguing. Share yourself slowly!

When it comes to masculine and feminine, imagine a lion chasing a gazelle. When the lion is picking up speed, the gazelle lies down and says, “Here I am, just eat me!”

What do you think that lion would do? I picture the lion thinking, “This gazelle must be diseased or something, I better not eat that!”

Be authentic, loving, feminine… and remember, you are a beautiful and graceful gazelle! OWN IT!

How to Successfully Date Online (4 Online Dating Sites Reviewed)

How to Successfully Date Online (4 Online Dating Sites Reviewed)

So you’re single, mature, over the bar scene, wouldn’t dare go out with anyone from work, don’t have a huge social life and you’re wondering how to meet people?

Online Dating Tips to Find the Right Partner for You

Some of your single friends are talking about online dating but you’re thinking:

  • ”Only desperate people do online dating.”
  • “What if I meet a serial killer?”
  • “I’ve tried online dating before and only met losers.”

I realize that online dating might not seem like the way to meet the love of your life but it has become an incredible source to meet people.

Read More of my FULL article HERE on Digital Romance

Please let me know your thoughts below or on Digital Romance!

Get Your FREE E-Book for these 2 days only!

Get Your FREE E-Book for these 2 days only!

Hello My Love,

THE BOOK IS HERE! OH MY GOODNESS… the last 2 months have been insane on my end. Working with coaching clients, matchmaking, participating in a few trainings with about 40 other dating and relationship coaches across the world and FINALLY the release of my NEW BOOK – Fearless Love – Growing Through Divorce, Dating and Divine Purpose to Heal, Thrive and Attract the Love You Desire.

I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU to YOU! You have been on this journey with me and I am glad to be a part of your journey as well.

My prayer is this book with encourage, guide and heal many people in the world and I would LOVE your help.

Here is a link to the ebook (you can download from any phone, laptop, tablet, pc for FREE for only 48 hours – May 25th-26th).
I’m making it available for free because I would really LOVE your feedback. Please leave the good stuff on Amazon Reviews and if you have any constructive feedback that may benefit me, please share directly with me as I want to make this book beneficial to many.

Please check it out, please share with a friend and leave a review… it would mean so much to me to have you be the first to read it and I hope it will truly help many people out there!

For ranking purposes PLEASE go to the Amazon link HERE AND in the kindle search box type “Fearless Love” and you will see the book on growing through divorce, dating and divine purpose to heal, thrive and attract the love you desire.

The link does take you directly to the page but it will get ranked HIGHER if you type Fearless Love in the search box and buy it that way!


Thank you so much for your support and feedback

Love you dearly!


Are you TIRED of The Games We Play In Dating and Relationships?

Are you TIRED of The Games We Play In Dating and Relationships?


I have quite a track record of failed attempts at Love! As a matter of fact, I have been very good at meeting lots of men, jumping into relationships only to realize it wasn’t the right fit, they didn’t give what I needed and I was left feeling like a failure… yet again!

The last year or so, I have worked at being very authentic in my relationships and learning to speak my truth.

This is not always easy at times but here’s the thing, when we don’t speak our truth, set boundaries for what we desire and live from a place of vulnerability and authenticity than we are denying our Soul’s growth.

I promised myself going into another relationship that I will always be authentic with who I am, what I want, what amazing amount of love I have to offer and be completely open and honest in wanting to create such an amazing friendship and relationship where 2 people adore, appreciate and respect each other. A relationship like never before!

I know great Love takes time and patience, 2 people wanting the same things and working towards something great. My entire life, my business, my heart is very God centered. I believe relationships are a holy assignment. Where 2 people are expected to grow, transform and learn together with the premise of God’s light and guidance always guiding our steps, making this world a better place because 2 people, open, honest, vulnerable… Finding and omitting the greatest Love known to man can only be a light onto the world… And a reason to make God smile and say, “Look, I brought you two together to grow in Love, to make it through the hard times where your ego (E.G.O.= Edging God Out) had to be put aside time and time again, where you had to learn unconditional Love, understanding, and your persistence pleases Me!”

I have learned through falling down so many times that I will persist, while being authentic to who I am, what I desire and what I know God desires for me!

When I decided to open my heart to a potential relationship recently, I knew it wouldn’t be easy, I knew there would be many differences in our personalities but I felt God telling me this was my holy assignment and to go with it… whatever IT may be!

That being said, I also know that I need to be unapologetically authentic in what I desire and what will or won’t work for me. 

This is TRULY being ready for that holy assignment of a great relationship.

Are you READY?

  • Are you ready to learn how to effectively communicate if you haven’t in the past?
  • Are you ready to not settle for someone who may not be a good match for you?
  • Are you ready to calmly communicate your preferences and what does/doesn’t work for you?
  • Are you ready to possibly “feel rejected” when your preferences aren’t met and you need to walk away?

I’ve read all the books and taken all the courses that say, “Play the game, don’t let a guy know if you really like them, play hard to get, blah, blah, blah”… I’m over that shit and don’t want to be ANYONE ELSE BUT ME… If someone isn’t ready for an authentic, honest and vulnerable relationship than they are not ready for you and that’s ok!

Grant it, there are the “do’s and don’t’s” of Dating and that’s a whole nother article (stay tuned for that one coming soon) but if you are ready to be vulnerable, ready to be patient, honest and understanding with the bumps along the relationship road, than you are ready for great Love!
Relationships are not meant to be perfect and easy, they are work and patience. In this over-stimulated world we live in, it’s important to understand that Love isn’t like the typical fairy tale ending after the 2 hour movie! Are you ready for an authentic ride, with many twists and turns?
“God Didn’t Promise Smooth Sailing… Just A Safe Harbor!”
Believe in Love,
Leslie Z. XO
Want to learn how I can help you be vulnerable in Love? CLICK HERE!
Is Music Ruining Your Chances At Love?

Is Music Ruining Your Chances At Love?

How many times have you screamed hateful love song at the top of your lungs while driving down the road thinking about some idiot that broke your heart?

Yep, I’ve been there myself!

I was driving down the street the other day and heard the Carrie Underwood song Before He Cheats… And all I could think was, at one point in time I thought that was a good song but the thought crossed my mind,  had only known then what I know now…
Shame on so many of the fantastic artist that just focus on such negativity.

But here’s the problem, what you think about comes about!

I know so much revolves around love or broken hearts, I have been there and done that, however when we give our energy to these songs it imprints this negativity in our subconscious mind (where we hold onto shit)…
So when you are screaming the lyrics, “I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats!” … You are just thinking in terms of hate and hate breeds more hate! Look at all the war and negativity in this world… Is it getting any better?
Of course not, we fight violence with violence.

Let’s turn this around if you are needing some advice after a divorce or breakup.

Steps to getting over a lover while staying away from the “hate songs”:

1. Write a letter to them explaining everything they did to hurt you, tell them off, tell them every single thing that you might be afraid to say, be vulnerable because you can say anything in this letter, they are never going to read it! Tell them how you are going to move forward and you release them!

2. Collect everything you might have from them like pictures, cards, little mementos, emails, dried flower, etc and either delete or put with this letter you wrote to them.

3. Go out into your backyard, over a grill, into your kitchen sink or go to the beach and I want you to have a little burning ceremony of these items.
You can say a prayer asking God or the universe to help you release this person and move forward.

4. Start making a list of your perfect person. Now remember that no one is really perfect but get very clear on the type of person that you wish to attract to you. The most important step with making your list is to focus on the things that you do want and not the things that you don’t want. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t want someone who smokes.” say, “I want to attract someone with healthy habits.”

5. Get together with positive friends, avoid talking about your ex, be cautious of the people you hang around with… Are they complaining about love and relationships or are they generally happy people that are going places?

6. Take a good 3 to 6 months to really evaluate why your relationship ended and to do the necessary work to be able to move forward to a happy and healthy relationship.

7. Unsure of how to move forward, contact a Love coach. Let’s Chat! 

If you have any questions or comments, please share with me below!

Much Love and Blessings to you! XOXO