Could Your Past Be Holding You Back From Love??

Could Your Past Be Holding You Back From Love??

Imagine letting go of anger FOREVER… Can you imagine that?

What about hurt from that person who broke your heart years ago? Or maybe just weeks or months ago?

Hey there… It’s Leslie…

If I told you I have a special technique which allows you to let go of negative emotions like:
=====> anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame… From the past…

what would that do for you in EVERY AREA of your life??

Pretty Fucking amazing and transformational, huh??

Time Line Therapy® is an advanced form of neurolinguistic programming.

It also allows people to get rid of limiting decisions like:
=====> “I’m not good enough”, or “I can’t have what I want”, “I can’t make as much money as I want”.

Typical life coaching would normally take 6 to 12 months to accomplish MAJOR transformation..

BUT WHAT IF… WHAT IF we do it in a 3 day weekend??

I’m highly trained in these advanced methodologies that help people to let go of negative emotions and limitations from the past and help them create a compelling future. Would you be interested in learning how I can help you with that?

I have just ONE opening available this next month for a 3 day Breakthrough weekend…
If you are ready to let go of all those negative emotions in no time flat, let’s chat and see if this is a good fit for you!
=====> There is something you can do

On your side,
Leslie XO

P.S. You may be thinking this sounds too good to be true….
BUT what if it wasn’t?

Let’s chat

Get Your FREE E-Book for these 2 days only!

Get Your FREE E-Book for these 2 days only!

Hello My Love,

THE BOOK IS HERE! OH MY GOODNESS… the last 2 months have been insane on my end. Working with coaching clients, matchmaking, participating in a few trainings with about 40 other dating and relationship coaches across the world and FINALLY the release of my NEW BOOK – Fearless Love – Growing Through Divorce, Dating and Divine Purpose to Heal, Thrive and Attract the Love You Desire.

I just wanted to take a minute and say THANK YOU to YOU! You have been on this journey with me and I am glad to be a part of your journey as well.

My prayer is this book with encourage, guide and heal many people in the world and I would LOVE your help.

Here is a link to the ebook (you can download from any phone, laptop, tablet, pc for FREE for only 48 hours – May 25th-26th).
I’m making it available for free because I would really LOVE your feedback. Please leave the good stuff on Amazon Reviews and if you have any constructive feedback that may benefit me, please share directly with me as I want to make this book beneficial to many.

Please check it out, please share with a friend and leave a review… it would mean so much to me to have you be the first to read it and I hope it will truly help many people out there!

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Thank you so much for your support and feedback

Love you dearly!


Is Music Ruining Your Chances At Love?

Is Music Ruining Your Chances At Love?

How many times have you screamed hateful love song at the top of your lungs while driving down the road thinking about some idiot that broke your heart?

Yep, I’ve been there myself!

I was driving down the street the other day and heard the Carrie Underwood song Before He Cheats… And all I could think was, at one point in time I thought that was a good song but the thought crossed my mind,  had only known then what I know now…
Shame on so many of the fantastic artist that just focus on such negativity.

But here’s the problem, what you think about comes about!

I know so much revolves around love or broken hearts, I have been there and done that, however when we give our energy to these songs it imprints this negativity in our subconscious mind (where we hold onto shit)…
So when you are screaming the lyrics, “I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights, slashed a hole in all 4 tires, maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats!” … You are just thinking in terms of hate and hate breeds more hate! Look at all the war and negativity in this world… Is it getting any better?
Of course not, we fight violence with violence.

Let’s turn this around if you are needing some advice after a divorce or breakup.

Steps to getting over a lover while staying away from the “hate songs”:

1. Write a letter to them explaining everything they did to hurt you, tell them off, tell them every single thing that you might be afraid to say, be vulnerable because you can say anything in this letter, they are never going to read it! Tell them how you are going to move forward and you release them!

2. Collect everything you might have from them like pictures, cards, little mementos, emails, dried flower, etc and either delete or put with this letter you wrote to them.

3. Go out into your backyard, over a grill, into your kitchen sink or go to the beach and I want you to have a little burning ceremony of these items.
You can say a prayer asking God or the universe to help you release this person and move forward.

4. Start making a list of your perfect person. Now remember that no one is really perfect but get very clear on the type of person that you wish to attract to you. The most important step with making your list is to focus on the things that you do want and not the things that you don’t want. For example, instead of saying, “I don’t want someone who smokes.” say, “I want to attract someone with healthy habits.”

5. Get together with positive friends, avoid talking about your ex, be cautious of the people you hang around with… Are they complaining about love and relationships or are they generally happy people that are going places?

6. Take a good 3 to 6 months to really evaluate why your relationship ended and to do the necessary work to be able to move forward to a happy and healthy relationship.

7. Unsure of how to move forward, contact a Love coach. Let’s Chat! 

If you have any questions or comments, please share with me below!

Much Love and Blessings to you! XOXO


Are You Chasing LOVE Away?

Are You Chasing LOVE Away?

Have you ever been so frustrated with someone you are dating and picked apart every little thing about them? OMG… ME TOO! And guess what?? I ruined many relationships!

Are you chasing LOVE AWAY?







Having unrealistic or unfulfilled expectations is a sure way to ruin a relationship. When someone strongly desires that their partner meets there every expectation they become blinded to who their partner really is. Even if the person tries to meet the expectations, it will never be exactly what that person wants. That is because expectations in relationships are usually very unattainable. We all have this preconceived notion of what we want in a perfect partner. When someone has unclear or unspoken expectations they become frustrated, usually sabotaging what might be a happy relationship.

In my relationships, when I started picking apart, what was usually happening was my own self-sabotaging… NOT what he was or wasn’t doing.

It’s like this… Ask yourself, “When I get frustrated with the things he is or is not doing, what am I noticing within myself? Did the idea of him not calling me back in a timely manner (one that I would have liked) made me feel those trust or abandonment issues from my previous relationships or childhood issues with my unloving parents?”

So many times we are just projecting our own crap on to some unsuspecting person.

Developing Realistic Expectations

  1. Recognize that there is indeed a problem. This is half the battle.
  2. Ask yourself, “Why am I not accepting this person the way they are?”
  3. Except responsibility for your actions and words.
  4. Be willing to invest your time and energy into the repair process.
  5. Set healthy boundaries. If you feel someone crosses your boundaries, it is necessary to let that person know it’s not okay to treat you this way, your boundaries protect you. It’s like a locked door – you control who you let in your house. Lock doors are your protection.
  6. Accentuate the positive – not the negative. Couples that have a healthy relationship focus on each other’s good qualities and positive attributes, rather than bringing attention to the partners negative traits.
  7. Express your feelings (in a healthy, non-confrontational way) and try to SEE your partner’s viewpoint. Communication can be difficult when we are angry. Blaming and criticizing can become an automatic response. Instead of attacking your partner share your feelings by using “I” statements (such as “I feel…”) It allows your partner to hear you without putting up a wall of defense. (Also be AWARE: If you are using “I feel” statements and your partner IS taking offense then there are deeper issues within the relationship.)
  8. Seek outside assistance. Dating and relationship coaching provides individuals the tools and skills to become confident and to proactively confront and resolve situations that occur. Coaching offers skills to identify limiting beliefs that sabotage relationships. We all possess the knowledge and resources within ourselves and a coach like myself can assist in bringing this out. Communication skills are not something we are born with. Most of us come from dysfunctional families and need assistance. One thing that is predictable about a healthy relationship is that it is continuously evolving and that means commitment and work.If you find yourself increasingly nagging, criticizing or withdrawing…you need to shift gears. Take a moment to reflect on the consequences of your reactions. Strive to communicate effectively and praise more often. Relationships are like exercise, you don’t just become healthy and fit overnight, it’s an ongoing practice and commitment.

Are you noticing unhealthy expectations in your dating and relationships? 

Let’s Chat, CLICK HERE.

I wish for you an abundant life full of Love, Peace, Happiness!

And please share with anyone you know who may be having Love challenges!

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How to get over “Broke Mentality”

How to get over “Broke Mentality”

How many times have you heard The statement, “money is the root of all…”

I’m not even going to “say” what you were probably thinking but what IS most evil is believing that negative statement.

We need money to survive but how we look at money greatly determines how much of it comes in and out of our fingertips.

We all have financial obligations and mine started at a very young age. Married at 19, bought our first house at 21, went through a bankruptcy a few years later, then divorce, having 2 homes, student loans, 2 kids, credit cards… I totally get it. BEING AN ADULT SUCKS!

But I have learned some secrets around money mindset and getting over “broke mentality” so I would love to share them with you.

When a negative belief comes up, acknowledge that belief and explain how that belief has caused you trouble in your life thus far.

Feel the emotions around that belief.
What are those emotions? How does money or bills make you feel?

Visualize that you are now waking up to a new, beautiful day. The storm has passed and you are no longer a victim to this broke mentality. You are no longer powerless. You are now very powerful because you have taken back the power that was rightfully yours to begin with. You are powerful because you have already learned how to acknowledge your resistance and beliefs around money and happiness so that it will release itself on its own.

Because everyone needs motivation in order to begin scrubbing those negative thoughts and emotions from their own systems, let’s talk about intention. Stating your intentions to the universe.

But we’re going to do it in a softer way that makes it easier to get from a negative emotion around money to a positive emotion around money.

We are going to play a game called the “Wouldn’t It Be Nice If” game.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen.
When you say or think negative statements like “I don’t have a enough money to pay my bills” or “we can’t afford that”, you are telling your subconscious mind and the Universe that there is a lack of something and focusing on the lack will never change anything.

So at the top of your paper you want to write, “wouldn’t it be nice if…”
Wouldn’t it be nice if I made more money?
Wouldn’t it be nice if I had a really productive day at work?
Wouldn’t it be nice if I got a promotion or raise at work?
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could come up with a way to be debt-free?
Wouldn’t it be nice if my income is double what my expenses are?
Wouldn’t it be nice if I could go back to school?
Wouldn’t it be nice if my tax return is double what I think it might be?
Wouldn’t it be nice if my ex-wife got remarried and the alimony payments go away?
Wouldn’t it be nice if the new laptop I’m looking for is half off?

The reason this game is so beneficial and powerful is because when you say “Wouldn’t it be nice if…?” You’re choosing something that you want and you’re being softer and easier about it. In other words, it is not the end of the world if you don’t get it, it is just an easier statement.

It also helps to remind yourself how you can find a better outlook on what might feel like a negative situation.

Other examples:
When you are bitching about having to get up in the morning and go to work, you can gently remind yourself how thankful you are to have a job.
Angry about not finding a close parking spot = “I’m thankful I have useful legs and I can walk to the building.”
Upset about being stuck in traffic = “This traffic may have stopped me from getting into an accident.” (right place, right time).
The electric bill went up by $50 this month = “I’m thankful I can turn my thermostat up when it’s cold outside.”
Verizon shut off my damn phone = “Thank God I was able to still call them and I will put a monthly reminder in my phone to pay the bill on time.”
Eating healthy cost so much money = “I’m thankful I can eat healthy now so when I’m older I won’t be spending tons of money on medication for my poor health.”
This divorce has left me struggling financially = “I am glad I’m able to start over with less clutter in my new home and a potential relationship that will be more fulfilling.”

Meditate on these statements. Meditation and money issues work well together. Before you attempt to quiet your mind, ask yourself/God/The Universe, “How can I have more money?”
So what are some other “wouldn’t it be nice if…” statements you can come up with?
Do you have any thoughts for negative statements that you can see in a more positive light?

My 7 biggest relationship mistakes of 2015

My 7 biggest relationship mistakes of 2015

My 7 biggest relationship mistakes of 2015.

If you think I have it all figured out when it comes to dating and relationships, that I don’t make mistakes… Think again.

Problems, failures, miscommunications are inevitable in love and in life.

As a love and lifestyle consultant and Coach, I have made it my business to find the right solutions to many challenges.
As I spent some time this week reflecting on 2015, I decided to share my 7 biggest “Love fuck ups” I made in 2015.
And to hopefully save you some time and heart ache, I want to share the lessons and the amazing Takeaway:

These challenges became my biggest lessons in life. They have helped me and my clients to have an amazing outlook for an extraordinary 2016.

I suggest you take the time to identify your lessons for the year, and most importantly, look for the blessing with in each of those.

Quick List of my 7 dating mistakes:
1. I was more in love with the idea of love then actually in love.
2. Expecting somebody to be different than who they really are.
3. Long distance relationships.
4. Not allowing myself enough time to heal from the break up.
5. I didn’t write on paper exactly what.

6. I forgot what it was like to have fun in a relationship.
7. I didn’t follow my gut instinct.

Before I continue, I want to say, 2015 was the year of ABSOLUTE FAITH for me. I took some really scary leaps of faith, learn how to follow my intuition even when everyone was saying otherwise, broke up with my boyfriend and quit my corporate job with only one paying client on my books… And that was both in the same week… Talk about crazy, Everyone thought I was crazy!

Ok, so here are my F ups of 2015!

1. Allowing myself to be in love with the IDEA of being in love instead of really being in love with my boyfriend.
So the biggest challenge early in 2015 was coming to the realization that my boyfriend of almost two years was not right for me and how did I not see this sooner considering what I do for a living?? But I realized I was more in love with the idea of “being in love” than the actual love that was taking place between us.

I asked the questions, “What am I truly getting out of this relationship?”
I meditated on it, cried about it for a month or 2, fought with God about it and then pulled the plug.

Have you stayed in a relationship for far too long? Are you in one now that is no longer mutually beneficial?

2. Expecting somebody to be different than who they really are. I did this with my boyfriend constantly. Always expecting him to ascend to the great individual that I knew he could be because I was never satisfied with WHO he truly was. Not because he wasn’t worthy of love but because he was never going to be right for me.

We can’t change people, we can only love them. This has probably been one of the hardest lessons for me throughout my entire love life.

Are you being too critical? And if You are, ask yourself, “Is this person really right for me?”

3. Long distance relationships. Towards the end of my last relationship, after another argument, I encouraged him to take a job transfer back to his hometown 450 miles away and guess what… While we were happily back together and working things out, the transfer came through, and off he went. We tried for four months to make it work, but with my busy work schedule, still working my corporate job and growing my consulting practice, and his insecurities… 450 miles Felt like 450,000,000 miles.

In many cases, long-distance cannot usually withstand the test of time.

4. Not allowing myself enough time to heal from the break up. Have you ever jumped into dating or another relationship right after break p? Yeah guess what, me too!

I thought I was over everything pretty easily, but a month after I ended it, I was in one of the worst places I’ve been in a few years. I spent that 2nd and probably 3rd month with a lot of paper, pen, tissues and sad songs.

I tried dating a bit but ultimately it took me six months of much crying, self reflection, and on my hands and knees praying to God for answers.

Of all my dating and relationship mishaps, the biggest thing I have learned over the years, is taking the time to reflect, learn and heal is extremely crucial. Don’t carry the baggage from one relationship to the next.

5. I didn’t write on paper exactly what I was looking for even though that’s exactly what I tell my clients to do.

So many times I hear people say, “I’ll know it when I see them.”

And I’m here to say, that instant attraction and chemistry will often times leave you strung out like a heroin junkie when you’re no longer getting the good stuff.

This year has been all about journaling and setting intentions for what I desire. You can’t just know in your head what you’re looking for, putting it down on paper is key.

When you do make a list of exactly what you are looking for, in a positive light, you embed this in your subconscious mind. That is where The law of attraction is working for you.

6. I forgot what it was like to have fun in a relationship. In my life, I’ve dated several people that have had “broke mentality”. With my last relationship, We were so caught up in his money issues, always being overextended, always giving and enabling his adult children, dealing with his lay-off, spending many nights at home with Netflix does not consist of a romantic relationship.

I did learn that it does not cost a ton of money to be romantic and your relationships. Remembering to have fun, to think outside of the box, and to not take life so seriously will only attract more fun into your life. But for God sakes, PUT EFFORT IN. Want some great Date Ideas on a Budget?

7. Trust your gut in relationships or life for that matter. When something doesn’t feel right, believe that it’s probably not right. Unless you’re just paranoid and then that’s a whole Nother story that we need to talk about.

There were several times in my relationship that I worried about his honesty and trust-worthiness. At least five times during the course of our relationship I questioned people he was texting, the fact that he was on two different online dating sites (that he of course denied), and his constant worry about who just looked at me or posted on my Facebook status.

“HELLO LESLIE, Red flags galore.”

Anyone that is constantly worried about your possible infidelity is almost always doing something themselves. It’s a reflection of them not a reflection of you.

Have you heard the term “gaslighting“?

“A form of intimidation or psychological abuse, where false information is presented to the victim, making them doubt their own memory, perception and quite often, their sanity.”

The classic example of gaslighting is to switch something around on someone that you know they’re sure to notice… The perpetrator has an exquisite way to explain that YOU must be “imagining things.” (Like I must have imagined in my own head that he had a match profile and it said he was online today OR that his multi-billion dollar corporation must have switched what percentage was deposited into our joint checking account which left me paying for more of our household expenses). I must have had “SUCKER” written on my forehead!

The urban dictionary describes gaslighting as “an insidious tool in the hands of unscrupulous mind-screwers and sociopaths.”

I could go on and on about my mistakes of not following my intuition but ULTIMATELY I listened to that little voice in my head and I followed through.

Thank God I did! XOXOXO

Good-bye Rob, thank you for the lessons, HELLO My Love, 2016!

Can you relate to any of these lessons? I would love to hear your thoughts!


Believe in LOVE!