Like a magic wand… this brings “Soulicious” LOVE right to you….

Like a magic wand… this brings “Soulicious” LOVE right to you….

Are you hitting a brick wall when it comes to LOVE?

Hello Beautiful Soul, Leslie here…

While doing some work with a friend tonight, we uncovered a
very valuable lesson in awareness and consciousness:

Every person that comes in and out of our lives is there for a lesson
and for us to grow from the experience {I know you have heard this a million times}…
We know this to be true, we preach it all the time but yet are you really embodying that understanding?

When it comes to relationships you might pray or think to yourself,
“Dear God please bring me someone to love!”

The universe delivers someone to love and when it doesn’t work out as expected,
we mourn the experience and therefore the lessons.

But what if… What if you MUST pay the price of going through these hard lessons
AND learning the lessons in order to ACTUALLY RECEIVE what you long for…

What is the reward if we skip the work?

What if you reverse engineer your prayers? What if your prayers sounded like this,
“God please give me someone who is hard to love.

And then the universe delivers this person that is hard to love in order for you
to open your heart so very wide because in order for you to love the way that God intended you to,
your heart is extremely small the way it might be right now.

So what if… in order to get to the castle you’ve got to swim the moat first. But what if I told you you absolutely cannot get to the castle or appreciate the castle until you have gone through that awful moat?


What choice do you have? Sit out on the lawn, wishing you were inside the castle where
you know you could have the most abundant and happy life OR just swim the fucking moat
and stop crying about getting your hair wet, or about leaches, eels or alligators…

When you get inside of that castle, you’re going to appreciate the abundant food awaiting you,
the huge, warm stone fireplaces in every room, the peaceful music playing… So many other luxuries
that you might not appreciate had you not accepted your path,
embraced the lessons and…
jumped in with both feet!

Are you ready for that challenge?

Could you imagine what it would feel like…
You take the hard lessons from your past relationship, this current relationship or maybe the next one…

You take the lessons, you move through the hurt and the pain…
And the relationship after that….

WHAT IF…. it’s this “Soulicious” kind of Love that you have only dreamed of??

Again… are you ready to swim the moat?

It’s really that simple.

Are you tired of spinning your wheels in Love?
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by clicking here.

I’ll be your life preserver,
Leslie XO

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