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Love Leverage
Getting Relationship Ready

I'm going to teach you how I met my husband, Chris, using JFT®, in RECORD TIME... JUST 5 WEEKS! 

But we've got work to do, YOU & I, TOGETHER!


I'm offering you an unbelievably sweet deal here. It's my 12 week coaching and strategy program. 

During the program, our focus will be:

  • -Healing from the past - with Journey Focused Therapy® Leslie's Signature Modality.
  • -Break the pattern of toxic relationship dynamics.
  • -Awaken your confidence and worthiness to attract a life partner and transform how you show up in dating and relationships.
  • -Developing powerful intuition to know when to move forward in relationships.
  • -Eradicate any limiting beliefs around the past.
  • -Develop true well-being, inner ease and deeper fulfillment.
  • -Removing unconscious patterns and barriers.
  • -Identify (and shift out of) conditioned behaviors and mindsets.
  • -Unleash your power to cultivate your highest potential in life and love.
  • -Discover the secrets to becoming a magnetic attractor.
  • -Cultivate a very simple mindfulness and meditation practice that can work for anyone, anywhere.
  • -Learn Leslie‘s signature goal-setting technique to attract anything you desire in life and love.
  • -Develop the skills and mindset to have your needs met.
  • -Discover the one potent practice that will prevent you from mindless dating.
  • -Learn how to up-level your life to attract a true life partner.
  • -And learn how to continue on a path to dating and relating with ease.

Here's the breakdown of the investment:

>>  3 - 1:1 Calls with Leslie (Value: $1050)
>>  9 Advanced Training Modules (Videos & Audios) (Value: $3000)
>>  Voxer - 2 way call access to Leslie for entire 12 weeks (Value: $1500)
>>  BONUS Spiritual Awakening Audio Series (Value: $497)
>>  BONUS Guided Healing Meditation Recording (Value: $97)


But with how I have structured this program, with all the courses, 1:1 access to me PLUS all the above bonuses, the normal investment would be $2,500

HOWEVER, FOR THE HOLIDAYS and to get you ready for an amazing 2020, my holiday gift to you is an additional $1000 off when you sign up before the 1st.

So that is $1,500 or 3 payments of $500 each. (See 2nd link below).

ALSO as another bonus, if you pay in full you receive another $250 off making the total investment only $1250 which again is an incredible deal.

AND AND AND... if you grab your spot in the next 48 hours, you are going to also receive a bonus private and personal Love Reading video recording from ME!! 

So that’s almost a $5,000 savings AND over 75% OFF. 

Have questions or rather pay by phone, reply to this email or go right to my calendar and schedule a time to chat.


The Project: Love Leverage 12 Week Program:

**FAST ACTING BONUS** Sign up by midnight November 30th and receive a private "Love Reading" Video recording from Leslie

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It was Leslie’s act of kindness and solid advice on the heels of yet another failed relationship that I gravitated to her for help.

She reached out when I needed it the most. I felt I could trust her and decided to take action. I worked with Leslie for three months after this recent relationship ended.

Personally, I struggled in and out of relationships most of my adult life including a failed 16+ year marriage. I needed help understanding me, why I made the choices I made, managed the relationships the way I did and was always feeling like a failure and responsible for all the wrong relationships I was in.

As I was personally making a life transformation, I wanted to make different choices in my life going forward when it came to relationships.

Leslie’s attentive and intuitive approach allowed my own self realization to why these relationships failed. She offered me a new path to think about what was important to me, how to identify it and methods/actions to achieve future relationship success.

She provided me with an overall better way to live life. I am very grateful for my time spent with Leslie and highly recommend her unique approach to not only love and relationships but a more fulfilling and satisfactory life approach as a whole” - Tom H.

When I first decided to work with Leslie, I had recently left a very dysfunctional marriage and was feeling stuck in all aspects of my life. I realized that I had a history of unhealthy relationships, and decided that I need to make a change. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew that I didn’t want to continue doing what I had been doing as it clearly wasn’t working for me.

Within 3 short months, Leslie was able to cover an incredible amount of ground with me. She quickly uncovered my codependency issues and got right to the root of where they stemmed from. I learned how my desire to try to control things in my life was making me very unhappy, and was finally able to let go of that desire.

Leslie also shed a lot of light on relationships that weren’t serving me anymore. I was able to release these people from my life with love and forgiveness rather than anger and resentment as I had always done in the past.

I have worked with numerous mental health counselors in the past, and I must say that working with Leslie was so much more effective. From day one it was obvious that Leslie genuinely had my best interests at heart. It felt like talking to a close friend who cared for and supported me unconditionally, but was never afraid to give me a swift kick in the right direction when I needed it. Leslie’s approach combined compassion and tough love with an ability to almost magically uncover the key things that were holding me back.

I am happy to say that I no longer feel stuck in my life. I have been able to change my beliefs and approach my relationships in a new, healthier way. I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Leslie. I am so very glad that I did." - Heather K.