What Women Really Want

What Women Really Want

What Women Really Want

I always hear guys say that “women are crazy” or “women are impossible to figure out” or “I don’t understand women, WHAT DO WOMEN REALLY WANT?”

I work with so many men who are lost when it comes to dating. Especially dating after divorce, maybe you know you messed up somewhere in your marriage and you want to get it right this time with women.

So today I’m going to give it to you straight.

It’s not as complicated as you may think, but yes, it takes effort. YES, I said EFFORT Fellas! Let’s do this…

  • Take charge and make plans for dates. We don’t mind getting a say in the planning, but we don’t want to do it all. Men are often not stepping up and making decisions, leaving women in a more masculine role. Listen for what hints we give, get to know us and you’ll know where to take us. BUT the first step is to ASK!
  • Don’t forget us. We know you are busy at work and want to hang out with your buddies, but be considerate and don’t forget us. Go shopping with us and hold our bags. Take us out to eat. Don’t make us an afterthought in your plans – or we may one day not be there to make plans with at all. And we won’t complain so much when you plan another poker night with the guys.
  • Yeah, we love the romantic, lovey-dovey stuff. Most of us want the love and attention in a relationship. Do something special for us, even if it’s just picking up flowers from the grocery store. Let us know you care. Make us feel adored. Pretty simple.
  • Listen to us. Support us when we whine or complain or just need to talk. Just listen to what we have to say – but that doesn’t mean we need you to solve the problem for us. Sometimes we just need a sounding board as we work out the problem for ourselves. Give advice when we say we want it, but otherwise just let us talk.
  • Be a man and show some strength. We don’t want a mama’s boy. Be intelligent. Take care of your personal business. Go with the flow and don’t be high maintenance.
  • Take it a step further and have a plan and goals. We find ambition sexy, so show us some. Know what you want and pursue your goals – and make sure they’re better goals than making it to happy hour on Friday night.
  • Help us. Nothing is sexier to most women than a man who’s doing the dishes, washing our car, taking out our trash… even if we are just dating. Take on some household chores or offer to take the kids to school. Make dinner if you don’t know how to cook, google a recipe. Have you read the book, The Five Love Languages? I don’t know many mom’s out there that don’t love “Acts Of Service”. And no, not that service, Goober… ok well yeah sometimes! 😉
  • Learn the word “sorry”. No, really. Sometimes things ARE your fault. Learn how to say so and tell us sorry. That one word can sometimes help defuse situations so much.
  • Be present. When you’re with us, focus on us. Show us you care by giving us your attention and making us feel like the most important thing in the world. When talking, ask questions and listen to the answers without always planning your next response. After all, you know you’re nothing without us. So show your strong woman that you care.
  • 15-20 minutes of foreplay. NO LESS! Hopefully an obvious one, but women make love with their minds, not their genitals. It takes a woman longer to be aroused than a guy and if you were a jackass during the day, forget it. Make up first and then give us at least 15 or 20 minutes of foreplay or just keep it tucked away.

The biggest thing is we want to be made to feel important and wanted. Make us feel special and you’ll keep us happy.

I think that was pretty simple. What are your thoughts?


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  1. Just read the article. Good read. It was enlightening on several points, especially the “don’t forget us” part. I find it extremely embarrassing when I let the day get away from me and I have not sent a little note or made that important phone call. I equate any relationship to the home. It you give it attention, the house will feel like a home. If you neglect it, it will fall into disrepair. That’s been my challenge.


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