Women will do ANYTHING for a man whoooo… Does this

Do you know the secret to finding AND KEEPING love?

This may contradict what some experts say… BUT… the men and women I work with have proved to me that this is TRUTH!

Have you ever had people say to you…

“Man, you’re such a good catch, your smart, successful in business, funny, nice looking… WHY ARE YOU STILL SINGLE?”

Yeah I had that happen all the time!

That’s been common for me and for many of my clients!

Let’s jump to it, here’s a couple quick and dirty tips to consider when getting what you want with women!

Women adore and respect men who:

  1. Take charge and plan dates.
  2. Do the little things like opening car doors, sending good morning beautiful text messages, etc…
  3. Show confidence (never cockiness). Besides, What do you really have to lose? Even if you get rejected, remember, some will, some won’t, so what, someone is waiting for YOU!
  4. Are open, upfront and honest. (NO BS, NO GAMES).

I’ve come across a lot of men (and women) who feel like they need to be vague, play games, wait a certain amount of time before messaging, calling, having sex, etc….

And I can tell you as an independent, confident and intelligent woman…

We want REAL. NO BS…

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Believe in Love,

Leslie Ziemba
Founder, Mission Medium, LLC and Leslie Ziemba Coaching


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