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Love Empowerment Coaching can help you Overcome Obstacles around Dating After Divorce, Dating After 40, Attracting The Right One to Having a Healthy, Happy Life and Love that is right for YOU!

If you are seeking Transformation in your overall wellbeing, if you desire a more fulfilling love life, you are in the right place. If you are interested in working through past relationship struggles or life challenges, coaching can help you. As a Neuro-Linguistic Coach & Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® Specialist and someone who has been through the ringer in Love and Life, working with me is the right choice.

If you struggle with:

  • Dating after divorce or Breakup

  • Relationships

  • Feeling depressed, difficulties with your mood

  • Not having clear direction in life

  • Can’t get over your ex lover

  • Struggle with meeting quality people to date

Then you are in the right place.

Ever feel like you might be sabotaging relationships?

Many singles struggle in dating and relationships these days, hell, every day I meet married couples struggling to love each other. WHY is this? If you are jumping from one relationship or date to the next, constantly feeling unfulfilled in relationships, and always finding fault with people, you are NOT alone and this can be changed. Have you asked yourself yet, “Am I the common denominator in my relationships?”

In a disposable society where everything can be easily thrown away if broken, is it any wonder divorce rates are so high? I work with so many women and men dating after 40 that say to me:

  • “Leslie, all the women I meet have too many issues. She has too much baggage.”
  • “Men are all players. Guys don’t want to settle down.”
  • “I went out with several girls from match and they are older than they looked in their pictures, fatter than they looked in their pictures or dating in your 40’s is so hard.”

These are all repeating patterns you keep attracting for a specific reason. We CAN address those reasons. 

Would you like to THRIVE more in Life and in Love? 

Research has clearly demonstrates that strong and healthy committed relationships impact all areas of our lives and lead to greater financial success, healthier lifestyles, business success, overall happiness and general well-being.

Understanding the powerful link between feeling balanced in your personal life, career and relationships is key to SUCCESS in all areas. But far too often, success and love are often sabotaging each other because we have such a hard time understanding how to have balance in our lives these days.

My passion for men and women walking with me on this journey, is to help you learn HOW to balance all areas for greater success. I have been working with individuals and couples for years, both as a hobby and as a profession to help them transform their lifestyle and relationship issues. My experience with my own marriage, divorced in mid-life, dating after 40, dating after a divorce, dating as a single parent, childhood traumas I had to work through and overcome, including infidelity in a relationship… this all gives me a unique perspective on the complex issues many deal with today.

Backed by cutting edge research in the fields of neuroscience, neuro-linguistic programming, Innovative Time Line Therapy® and the Law of Attraction, the form of coaching I use is informed by the most rigorously studied and thoroughly validated approach to working with singles and couples.

Using these techniques to greatly help and improve all relationships.

I use this new science behind love, spirituality and attraction in my work with individuals, as well as couples, to create a deepened understanding of self, spiritual connection and mindfulness. To recover from the past, a divorce or break-up, to have more confidence. To improved communication, feel a sense of worthiness, a stronger bond and a rewarding relationship that supports you in doing the work you are meant to do in this world.

I’m thrilled to offer Innovative and Premium Coaching services to help men and women thrive in your relationships with yourself and others as you achieve excellence in Life and Love.

Working together you can expect to:

  • Learn how to LET GO of past pains
  • Create and find the relationship you want
  • Get a bit of TOUGH LOVE – I’m going to give it to you straight
  • Receive knowledgeable life and dating advice for men and women
  • Feel a more profound love for yourself and others
  • Feel more confident in Dating After Divorce
  • Finally understand how relationships and attraction work TOGETHER, regardless of what the “Getting the Guy” OR “What Women Want” kinda books say
  • Feel freedom & empowerment with the opposite sex
  • Understand how to feel LOVE — authentically, consistently & fully
  • Find spiritual purpose & balance without religiousy hoopla


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